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August 2014

Gallery Working Again

It has been over five months since a plugin update broke the Gallery. During those past few months when I had some free time I would try to make the needed updates to restore the gallery to its full functionality. Unfortunately, I did not have much free time so little had been done. I had decided to set aside some time this weekend to update and repair (if needed) all the sites I maintain which included starting to work on fixing the gallery again. Saturday afternoon I logged into the gallery and noticed some plugins (including one of the two gallery…

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Thunderbird ESR has been discontinued

Support for Thunderbird 24.x ESR has ended and there will no longer be any further Thunderbird ESR releases. Starting with Thunderbird 31.x, Mozilla is basing the mainstream Thunderbird releases off of the Firefox ESR standards, so Thunderbird ESR releases have been merged into the mainstream Thunderbird releases. This means the mainstream releases will be stable for about one year before a major update is released. Click here for more information.

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Insert Link Function somewhat Broken in Thunderbird 31

Bug 1044336 involves Thunderbird 31 and the Insert Link function. Users while composing a message are unable to paste via right-click into the Link Location field within the Link Properties box when using the Insert Link function. Users are getting the message no named anchors or headings in this page when they attempt to right-click in the Link Location field. User can still paste via they keyboard shortcuts CTRL+V or SHIFT+Insert. At this time there has not been much happening in regards to this bug so doubtful this will be resolved in time for the upcoming Thunderbird 31.1.0 release early next month.

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Control all Firefox add-ons, plugins and themes with Extensor

” … Extensor is a powerful extension for Firefox that gives you better control of all installed add-ons, themes, plugins and even dictionary files and services.”You can use it to change the state quickly which is great if you require some features only at times and not all the time. It is also great for quickly switching themes for example. … “ Source: gHacks Tech News Review  Control all Firefox add-ons, plugins and themes with Extensor

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Hide plugins, visited links and WebRTC from websites in Firefox

Shows how this works and some add-ons, settings to prevent it. ” Whenever you connect to a website using any browser, the site receives a variety of information automatically. While not all sites process the information or record them, some may very well use them for tracking and other purposes. “ Source: gHacks Tech News Details  Hide plugins, visited links and WebRTC from websites in Firefox

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