Site Updates: September 25, 2014

After long consideration I have decided to merge the tech portion of my former El Guru’s Blog into this blog. This is part of an overall goal of mine to reduce the number of WordPress sites that I need to maintain. Currently, I have around 12 sites I currently manage and it is hard to remember which sites I have already updated. Plus, not all the sites run the same plugins so at any given time some sites may not have updates while others do.

Some other changes to note:

  • The Home button/link is now linked to the blog. Prior it was linked to the Firefox Extension Guru’s Home which has been eliminated. All that site did was serve as a landing page with the current Firefox release information with a link to the blog.
  • The current release information is in the right-hand side bar with a link to a reverse chronological listing of the Firefox releases.
  • The sub-pages have been relocated under the Info and Tools button/link:
    • Info
      • About Firefox
      • Disclaimer
      • Releases
      • Releases
    • Tools
      • How-To
      • Resources
  • The Email Mafia button/link has now been renamed to Thunderbird and links directly to my Thunderbird Blog.
  • Cleaned up the categories, removing duplicates and little used and moving some into sub categories. Removed all the version related Firefox categories. Will be using Tags instead when a post is about a specific Firefox version.

At this time I do not plan on merging the Thunderbird (Email Mafia) blog with this one as it is a project that I want to keep separate.