Meet MatchStick by Mozilla

One of our Facebook followers shared this on our Facebook Page today. MatchStick is Mozilla’s ($25) alternative to Google’s Chromecast.

Mozilla is expanding beyond its Firefox browser and trying its hand in the suddenly hot streaming video business.

Its take: the MatchStick HDMI streaming stick, which will sell for a limited time through Kickstarter at a starting price of $12 before it goes to retail. It’s final price of $25 sets its sights on the Chromecast, the $35 streaming dongle from search giant Google. Matchstick runs on Firefox OS, the open source mobile operating system built by Mozilla on Firefox’s underlying engine.

This one area of technology that I have’t really gotten much into yet. I don’t even really do much in the lines of streaming video and when I do it is just on my PC.

via C|Net