The Perils of Flash

Adobe Flash is one of those browser plugins that a lot of people can not live without, with Java being a close second. Problem with Flash (and Java) is there are major security exploits that are being discovered daily. Adobe just release an updated for Flash last week and already has plans on releasing another update this week to patch an exploit just discovered in the last fix.

Some people such as Grand Stream Dreams blogger Claus have opted to do away with Flash (and other Adobe products) on some their systems: Taking Flash Player out to the Bins. Unfortuantly, there is no way I could see myself going cold turkey with Flash. Besides some of the browser based games I play, Facebook also uses Flash. Adobe Air on the other hand, I rarely use since I don’t subscribe to Pandora anymore. However, I need it for an external management console for an eCommerce WordPress plugin that a client of mine uses. Adobe Reader, I am not certain if I am using it or not. I thought I was using FoxIt, but I think Adobe Reader may have made itself my primary PDF Reader.

Should we all stop using Flash? No, unless you never visit a site that uses Flash. At least YouTube moved to HTML5 and for the most part did away with Flash. The important thing here, is to keep Flash updated (just as it is equally important you keep Microsoft Windows up to date). Google will push out an update for their Flash in the forum of a browser update. IE will be pushed out a Windows Update. Firefox users though will need to make sure they are up to date and they can do this from within the browser (Tools > Add-ons > Plugins and click the link Check to see if your plugins are up to date).

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