July 11, 2015

Three Pillars Update

I had mentioned in the in Three Pillars of Firefox post that I was going to try to find more info about the “Uniquely Firefox” pillar. So far the only thing I have come across is Tracking Protection may be included in Private Browsing mode. KWierso explained on mozillaZine Tracking Protection versus Do Not Track: “Do Not Track” really only indicates your wish that the site doesn’t track you while you visit. Tracking Protection is a feature that actively blocks tracking scripts while you browse. Of course, I am wondering how long until certain websites will either not allow you to access them…

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Back to Firefox

About a year ago I had opted to do away with the El Guru’s Blog and post anything tech related on this blog. During the past month I was looking over the content of the blog and notice the majority of the content from the past 9-years (as of May 1st) is Firefox. In April 2009 I split off the Thunderbird content over to the Email Mafia Blog as I wanted to keep the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog dedicated to Firefox only. In the past year I had come across some none Firefox content I had considered posting, but didn’t because I…

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Server Maintenance Complete

We appreciate your patience while we transitioned the blog on to a new and improved server. We also made some minor changes to the theme including changing the menu colors as well as making the background color of the widgets the same as the rest of the blog. We also did remove some redundant or out-dated content from the sidebar.

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