MS Office Universal Apps Coming on July 29th

So Microsoft has announced that along with Windows 10 being pushed out on July 29th, so are the MS Office Universal Apps. From Tom’s Hardware:

Universal Apps will run natively on any platform running Windows 10, whether it be on your PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, or what have you, and they will operate in the same fashion no matter what device you run them on.

Microsoft has previously revealed that Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar will be pre-installed in Windows 10, but the company has also been developing Word for Windows 10, Excel for Windows 10, PowerPoint for Windows 10 and OneNote for Windows 10. These applications will be available through the Windows Store and will be free of charge. The Universal Windows Application versions of these are touch enabled and will work in much the same way as the Android versions released earlier this year.

Once again Microsoft is throwing out the word free. A few questions come to mind when trying to understand how Microsoft could be giving away these apps:

  • Does this mean the apps are free and you don’t even need a subscription for MS Office to use them?
  • Free for a limited time?
  • The App is free to install, but you still need a valid MS Office subscription to use the App?
  • Are the Apps going to be  a basic or ‘Express’ versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote where the user will be tempted to pay for the premium full version?
  • Microsoft going to sell your personal information  to advertisers and other snoops in order to subsidize these free Apps?