Windows 10 CAN Retain Your Default Apps.

Note: I have yet to try this, so not sure where and when in the setup process this is presented. Still trying to get Windows 10 installed on one of my two test machines. Yesterday, one of them started acting up (BSOD) while I was researching how to do a forced upgrade to Windows 10. While BSOD use to be common with this system, they seemed to have disappeared when I did a clean install of Windows 7 about a year ago. The timing of that BSOD though makes me wonder if that machine was possessed by HAL 9000. So over the weekend I am going to try and get Windows 10 on the other test machine I picked up earlier this year. Problem is, this is a very old Dell Optiplex GX620 and there are some “known issues” right now with Dell and Windows 10. This particular model does not appear on Dell’s tested list (of course the age of this system may be a reason).

So I found out earlier today it is possible to retain your default applications in Windows 10 Upgrade. The thing is you need to pay attention as you are going through the upgrade process.  You are going to be presented with a couple options: Express Settings and Customize Settings.  Many people are not paying attention and just click the ‘Express Settings’ option and all their default applications get reset. If you select the ‘Customize Settings’ there is a further option to KEEP your default application settings. There are also some privacy settings that you can ‘opt-in’ on in the Customize Settings section. No big surprise that this option is hidden. After all this is Microsoft, nothing is ever easy or obvious with them.

Microsoft, the company that taught people to turn off their computers by clicking a button marked ‘Start’.