How to Limit Windows 10 Forced Updates

Note: I use the word ‘limit’ in lieu of ‘stop’ because Windows 10 Home users can not stop Security Updates, which there is really no reason as for the most part Security Updates have been trouble free.

There are three different methods you can try, to stop Windows 10 from automatically installing updates (new drivers and software features). These updates have been particularly troublesome for ‘fast ring’ users and the patches to fix these broken updates have caused endless crashing loops. The method which use choose to use will depend if you are a Home, Pro or Enterprise user as well as the type of Internet connection you are using (Ethernet or Wireless). The three methods include:

  1. Stop The Windows Update Service
  2. Setup A Metered Connection (Wi-Fi only)
  3. Group Policy Editor (Windows 10 Education, Pro or Enterprise only) or Registry Hack

There is also the The Show/Hide Tool, but it is not part of Windows 10/Windows Update and will NOT stop automatic updates. Instead it used to hide troublesome updates that you have removed and don’t want Windows 10 trying to install again. Gordon Kelly goes into more detail about the above three methods as well as The Show/Hide Tool.

via Forbes > Gordon Kelly