Mozilla Ruining Firefox?

I’m using Pale Moon but not because standard FF was crashing (I don’t remember the last time it did), I just hated the new UI.

“A week ago, Mozilla shed some light on its future, laying out a plan on how the browser is going to dramatically change in the upcoming months. While most of us understood “Chrome extensions are coming to Firefox,” it is not as simple as we all thought.
“… The Mozilla dev team has a pretty solid plan on how they can change the browser “always crashing” image, and even if we don’t like it, this includes a severe and very profound change to Firefox’s core code. …”

---><noscript><img class=“> Please God, Don’t Let Mozilla Ruin Firefox – Softpedia

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  1. I agree with you Gareon. Recent Firefox releases have been much stabler compared to earlier versions. I rarely get crashes myself, and I’m putting my browser under serious stress on a daily basis. But to be honest, there was a time 4-5 years ago when most people that switched to Chrome were just tired of the constant Flash-triggered Firefox crashes. This was before the introduction of out-of-process plugins, which managed to fix most of the issues. Unfortunately the damage to the browser’s image was done, and Chrome and its marketing campaign were there at the right time to capitalize from Firefox’s problems. I was referring to those times when I said “always crashing” image. In recent years, I do honestly believe the Firefox devs have done a great job at improving performance. Unfortunately a satisfied customer will never speak of a product, but a dissatisfied client will never shut up about it.

    Besides my gloomy title, I do hope Mozilla makes a seamless transition to their new codebase without any glitches.

    • I wasn’t disagreeing with the image statement and it is an example of losing a user is easier than getting them back.
      “Besides my gloomy title, I do hope Mozilla makes a seamless transition to their new codebase without any glitches.”
      Gloomy it may be but there are many who are afraid it may happen.
      I hope we don’t lose any more of the customizing options than we already have.

    • My issue many years ago was the Apple QuickTime was almost alway guaranteed to generate a crash.

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