AdBlock or Yahoo! Mail?

It appears Yahoo! YHOO 52,58 0,00 0,00% was trying to get users to not use AdBlock by denying them access to their email account if they were using Ad Blocking software. Yahoo’s limited experiment last week did not go very well as indicated by some of these tweets:

“‘Please disable ad blocker to continue using Yahoo Mail’ — how about no,” said Twitter user @RunLikeDeer. “Do you want me to stop using Yahoo Mail?? ‘Cause this is a good start.”

“So @YahooMail has blocked my inbox for using an ad locker,” tweeted @Trenti. “It was a good run, I guess. Goodbye! Hello Apple Mail, as much as I hate it.”

I haven’t used Yahoo! mail in years. I shutdown my account and was getting too much spam and the account was being accessed from multiple locations at once. However, if I still were, this would be motivation for me to be looking for another email provider.

via Los Angeles Times