NVIDIA issues fix for Windows 11 22H2 Performance Issues

NVIDIA has addressed the performance issues many GeForce GPU users have been experiencing as a result of last week’s Windows 11 22H2 update. The downside is this fix/update for their GeForce Experience software suite is currently in Beta and therefore users will need to manually install this update. For those who don’t want to install the Beta version they will need to wait until Nvidia the release version is pushed out later this week.

“Some users may observer lower performance in games or applications after updating to Microsoft Windows 11 2022 Update,” the company says in a support article published over the weekend.

The official fix for this known issue is to update the company’s GeForce Experience software suite to the 3.26 Beta version, which addresses the problems.

My main system is a Widows 10 machine which does have a NVIDIA GPU. This machine can run Windows 11, but I have never installed the update because of this very reason.  However, if I were running Windows 11 22H2 and ran into this issue, I would download and install the Beta if that was what it took to fix this issue Also, the issue is affecting their software suite, not the actual driver itself.

via Bleeping Computer