Microsoft Blocking Windows 11 22H2 Update on some Intel Systems

We are now a week after from the release of Microsoft Corporation 245,12 -5,08 -2,03% Microsoft Windows 11 22H2 update and now we are becoming aware of another ‘known issue’ with this update. First there were sever performance issues for those using NVIDIA NVIDIA Corporation 166,10 -2,66 -1,58% GeForce GPU’s which NVIDIA has acknowledged with a Beta Release of the GeForce Experience software suite on Monday. Now comes news Microsoft is blocking the Windows 11 22H2 update on machines with Intel Corporation 28,60 -0,57 -1,95% Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) audio drivers. There is an issue with Windows 11 22H2 causing errors and presenting these users with a Blue Screen (BSOD).

“Intel and Microsoft have found incompatibility issues with certain versions of drivers for Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) on Intel 11th Gen Core processors and Windows 11,” Microsoft said in a Windows Health dashboard update.

“The affected driver will be named Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) Audio Controller under System Devices in Device Manager and have the file name IntcAudioBus.sys and a file version of or,” Microsoft explained.

This has been an ongoing issue with Windows 11 and systems running Intel SST since the initial Window 11 release (21H2) back in October 2021. In November 2021, Microsoft blocked affected machines from being offered the Windows 11 upgrade. However, some users manually upgraded to Windows 11 and did not have issues until last week’s 22H2 update. Users are being advised NOT to bypass Microsoft’s safeguards and attempt to manually update their systems to the new 22H2 update.

Affected users should check to see if Intel has an updated driver for their systems. If users are able to update to Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers to a version or and later. Once the newer version is installed  they should be offered to install the Windows 11 22H2 update. This is the same workaround Microsoft advised in November 2021 when this issue first came to be with the 212H2 initial release of Windows 11.

via Bleeping Computer