Windows 11 22H2 File Copying May Be Slower

A new week and a new Microsoft Corporation 245,12 -5,08 -2,03% Windows 11 22H2 bug/issue. This time performance issues with copying and downloading files. Copying speeds can be reduced by as much as 40%.

It’s not entirely clear whether copying files will slow down when downloading them from a remote server, or merely accessing them from a remote PC. Microsoft doesn’t appear to know quite yet, either. “The issue is not actually in SMB code, so I can’t give you an ETA for a permanent fix yet; SMB is just the most likely scenario to be noticed,” Pyle wrote. “You could see this behavior even with local file copies not using SMB. We’re working with another team to understand this and get to a permanent solution.”

The slowdown appears to manifest when copying down or downloading “large” (multi-gigabyte) files from a remote machine onto a PC running Windows 11 2022 Update (22H2). Files that are copied to another PC not running 22H2 won’t see the slowdown, Pyle wrote.

Users can get around this bug using robocopy or xcopy with the /J (unbuffered IO) parameter.

via PCWorld