Apple Fined (again) By Brazilin Government

Space Grey iPhone 8

Apple Inc. 142,91 -3,72 -2,54% has already had to pay a $2.3 million fine to the Brazilin Government in September as a result of their ‘environmental’ practices with the iPhone 12. Specifically Apple choosing not to include a charging brick with the iPhone 12. Now, it appears Apple is going to have to pay even more fines and provide free chargers to all Brazilin customers who recently purchased an iPhone 12 or 13.

Apple keeps on losing court battles in Brazil over its decision to stop shipping iPhones with a charger. The São Paulo state court has ruled against the tech giant and slapped it with a 100 million real ($19 million) fine in a lawsuit filed by the Brazilian Consumers’ Association, a group of borrowers, consumers and taxpayers. In addition, the court has ordered Apple to supply all customers in Brazil who purchased the iPhone 12 or 13 over the past couple of years with a charger, as well as to start including them with all new purchases. Apple, as you’d expect, told the news organization that it will appeal the decision.

This September, the country’s Ministry of Justice issued an order that bans Apple from selling iPhones that don’t come with a charger. It also fined the company another $2.38 million and ordered the cancelation of iPhone 12’s registration with Brazil’s national telecoms agency. The tech giant is also appealing that decision.

Again, I am mixed on this. On one hand I applaud Apple for trying to reduce e-Waste and excessive packaging by not including a charging brick that many consumers already have many laying around their homes or offices. More so once Apple switches to USB-C charging ports, which is likely with next year’s iPhone 15 it is far more likely consumers already have a drawer full of USB-C chargers. However, there is the mater this can been seen (and it is by The Brazilin government) as an “abusive practice” that “requires consumers to purchase a second product in order for the first to work.” Unfortunately, it is no win situation for Apple who is trying to do the right thing from an environmental stand point. I am glad to see Apple is going to appeal the decision, but have doubts they are going to get the fine overturned.

via engadget