Introducing Microsoft 365

If I were to say Microsoft 365 what would you think this product is?

  1. A new calendar/event/task manager application
  2. An annual support subscription service
  3. A new gaming console
  4. A rebrand of Microsoft Office

If you had guessed’4′ you were correct, though the other three choices seem more plausible than the correct choice. Microsoft Corporation 245,12 -5,08 -2,03% has announced after 32-years they are doing away with the ‘Office’ name at least with the mobile apps and free Microsoft Store cloud-based versions. These will be rebranded to Microsoft 365.

The rebrand would start with in November 2022, followed by Microsoft’s free cloud-based versions, the Office app on Windows and Office mobile app, in January 2023.

Honestly, I think this rather dumb and confusing on Microsoft’s part. Microsoft Office (after Windows which first released in 1985) are Microsoft’s most recognized modern day products. In the dark ages, before Windows, Microsoft was best known as the creator of DOS (Disk Operating System). Plus Microsoft Office has been a staple for Microsoft for over 30-years. Why? What purpose does it serve from removing ‘Office’ from the brand?  To me ‘Microsoft 365’ sounds like a calendar application or even a ‘version’ as typically how Microsoft used suffixes in their product naming schemes. Microsoft 365 just does not sound like a productivity application suite. When someone says ‘Office’ (even without prefacing with ‘Microsoft’) you know what they are talking about. Say Microsoft 365 and I bet people are going to be confused as to what you are talking about. For those who don’t understand the 365 naming it has to do with do annual subscription model Microsoft introduced with Office 365 in 2017. Microsoft does not plan on retraining (for now) the ‘Office’ name with the standalone Microsoft Office 2021, though at some point that too will be rebranded to Microsoft 365. Regardless, I am still scratching my head with this one.

via BleepingComputer