Long Tweets Coming Soon?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Amidst all the chaos and what lately has been doom and gloom coming from Twitter is some good news. The ability to easily create long Tweets (280+ characters) by having them broken into threads automatically.

According to a tweet posted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, twitter’s composer will automatically break the text into a thread when it crosses the 280-character limit.

As she explained in a reply to a user (aka me), Twitter wants to reduce the friction of creating threads. Currently, users need to hit the + button to add a tweet to a thread and post the next set of 280 characters — which can be very annoying when you are trying out a thought or pasting info from another document.

While this sounds to be a great QOL feature for Twitter users who like to compose long Tweets, the details are a bit hazy as to when this new feature might roll-out as well as if it will be a ‘core’ feature of Twitter or a premium feature locked away from the currently unavailable (for new subscribers or non-iOS users) Twitter Blue.  Chief Twit is hinting now Twitter Blue may reopen for subscribers by the end of the month (had been end of this week), but likely still only for iOS.

via Tech Crunch