One my favorite (and most used) extensions is CoLT (Copy Link Text). It a simple extension but such a time saver. It adds a couple items to your context (right-click) menu, Copy Link Text and Copy Link Text & Location As. The first option copies copies a hyperlink’s associated text to the clipboard. The second option copies copies both the hyperlink’s text and URL to the clipboard in the format you choose: HTML Link, Plain Text or one of three custom styles (defaults are BBCode, Fuse Talk and Wikipedia).

This is very useful for blogging as I can simply right click (no need to highlight) on a link and select from the context menu, ‘Copy Link Text & Locations As’ then select ‘HTML Link’ from the sub menu. This generates the HTML code for the link which I can paste right into the HTML editor. Beats the heck out of copying the link, typing the link name and then going through and manually add the link.

The extension works with Firefox 1.0.X, 1.5.0.X and 2.0 builds.


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  1. Very cool, I’m installing it after this comment.
    Thanks for the review.

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