Firefox 2.0 RC3 Status

With the code freeze for Firefox 2.0 RC3 now in effect, I did some checking on the Mozilla Developer’s Calendar and noticed an estimated ‘ship’ date for RC3, Tuesday, October 17th. Also on this same date is this interesting item: Fx2 – Launch Dependencies Due!

Still no official date listed on the calendar for the big Firefox 2 release.  I am guessing though it is still set for October 24th.  I base this loosely on the fact there are no more Bon Echo Status meetings after this date.

BTW,  in case you have been following the calendar and are wondering, just what the heck is ‘Gecko 1.9 / Gran Paradiso Status Meeting’…Gecko 1.9 is the branch Firefox 3 is going to be built on.  Gran Paradiso is the highest group in the Graian Alps in Italy and is the official code name for Firefox 3.  Minefield refers to the trunk which Firefox 3 is being built upon.