Firefox 2.0 Feature Preview: Search Engine Alert

Not sure when this feature was added but once in a while I noticed while I was on a certain site the Goggle logo on my search bar would glow blue (see below). After some reading on mozillaZine Firefox Builds forum I found about that this interesting feature in the thread: Blue glow on Google dropdown

“The glow is there to indicate that the page you’re visiting has it’s own search engine. If you click on the search engine dropdown you’ll notice the “Add search engine…” dialog for you current page.”

While I was on Wikipedia, I noticed the Google Icon in the search bar had the ‘blue glow’. So I clicked the drop down arrow and was given the option to add Wikipedia to my search engine list.

Site Has Own Search Engine


Site Does Not Have Own Search Engine

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  1. Cool! With Firefox I was able to use the “Add Engines” feature to add Wikipedia and IMDB to my Search Engines. Since these are the two major sites I usually go to do searches from (use Yahoo in search bar) this will be a real time saver. Thanks for the nudge to look into it!

  2. Jack of all Trades | October 16, 2006 at 1:53 PM |

    this feature is from about august, maybe be4. i’ve noticed it a while back, but this glow is very faint, so it was just plain luck.

    but i think it only works if the site has a special code 2 make it happen.

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