Update: Mozilla Japan’s New Mascot

FoxkehLast month I wrote about the contest to name Mozilla Japan’s new mascot (as seen on the left). The contest has ended and the official name is Foxkeh. I still have to wonder what the other mascot entries were like if Mozilla Japan choose this one out of some 600. Yes it is a “Fire Fox” but still.

I have collected some various comments about Foxkeh:

  • ceebs’n’elvis on Team Vox: “Looks like that fox was eating some extra spicy hot wings…and is paying for it this morning!”
  • SonOfPearl on Mozilla Links: “I think a slight re-design is needed to make the tail look more tail-like and less like a gaseous emmission!”
  • The Inquirer, Blazing Saddles: “THE MOZZARELLA Foundation’s Japanese version of Fire Fox seems to be having some problems adapting to the local cuisine.” and ” There is no doubt that he will light up the world.”
  • Pete on Mozilla Links: “Foxie, Farter of Flames”
  • MrsWright on Team Vox: “The fox is very cute, but looks like he’s suffering from hellacious gas.”
  • Aaron on Mozilla Links: “The fox is cute, but its tail looks more like flatulence than an actual tail.”

I am glad Mozilla in the US is going to stick with the traditional Firefox logo.

3 Comments on Update: Mozilla Japan’s New Mascot

  1. Yowzah! That gas looks kinda of painful.

  2. Seems like the cute fox just had a great relief by letting that gaseous emmission out.

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