mozillaZine is a great source for Firefox and Thunderbird news, information and support. Some people are under the false impression mozillaZine is only a news/announcements site. mozillaZine is more than just news, they host a very extensive Knowledge Base (wiki) of information about Mozilla products and applications. Within this Knowledge Base there are numerous articles covering frequently encountered issues for both Firefox and Thunderbird.

Another large part of mozillaZine is their forums. The forums, unlike the Knowledge Base allows users to discuss Firefox,Thunderbird and SeaMonkey (former Mozilla Suite) products. All three products each have their own five forums:

  • Support ~ Help Forum
  • General ~ Discussion of General Topics
  • Builds ~ Information and Support related to the nightly builds
  • Features ~ Discussion and suggestions for features
  • Bugs ~ Bug information, check here before filing a bug on Bugzilla

Further, volunteers have made French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Korean, Spanish and Hungarian translations available. Most of the translations are of the news contents, but may also include links to non-mozillaZine forums in the above languages.

For those of you wondering if MozillaZine is part of the Mozilla Project…From the about page on MozillaZine…

Established in 1998, MozillaZine is an independent Mozilla news, community and advocacy site.

MozillaZine is not run by the Mozilla Foundation and is not an official part of the Mozilla project.

MozillaZine is hosted at the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University.

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  1. MozillaZine is (unfortunately) the only place to get support for FireFox, Mozzilla has no support forum, they defer to MozzilaZine, a completely different entity.

    They will summarily just ask you to “Create a New Profile”, that is all, do not expect further Help. Do not expect user to user help, the Ops & Mods run the place.

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