Firefox 2.0: Undo Closed Tab Tip

Firefox 2

With Firefox 2, Undo Close Tab is a standard feature. While you can undo a close tab by right-clicking on the tab bar and selecting ‘Undo Close Tab’ from the context menu. However, this reopens the last closed tab and you will have to repeat this until you have reopened the desired tab.

Tip: Hidden in the History Menu is the option, Recently Closed Tabs. When selected, it opens a sub-menu with a list of all your recently closed tabs. Simply highlight the tab you wish to reopen or you can select ‘Open All in Tabs’.

2 Comments on Firefox 2.0: Undo Closed Tab Tip

  1. I can’t wait until the Tab Mix Plus extension gets updated for 2.0. Among its many awesome features was the ability to right-click on the tab bar and get a list of recently closed tabs.

  2. this feature just doesnt work – i see ‘recently closed tabs’ in a gray font – which means i cannot use it.
    can anyone help?

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