Tweaking the About Screen

The standard About Firefox screen is pretty boring looking. It is even worse for those of us using the Bon Echo or Minefield nightlies since it uses a globe without the firefox as the image (Minefield’s globe has a stick of dynamite stuck in it). However, you can tweak your About Screen by changing the image, the color and font of the text as well as the size of the window. Here is my new & improved About Screen:

Note: For this tweak I recommend using the ChromEdit Plus extension. Simply add and modify these lines to your userChrome.css file located in your profile folder:

/* ============ Custom About Background ============== */
#aboutDialog {
width: 40em !important;
height: 40em !important; }

#clientBox {
background: Transparent
url("") no-repeat top center !important;
font-family: verdana !important;
color: rgb(0,64,62) !important; }

In the #aboutDialog section these decelerations specify the settings for the dialog box. width and height decelerations are in em (1em = 10px 40em=400px) and are for the dialog box only.

In the #clientBox url(“”) specifies the location of the image (insert the image location within the quotes). font-family & color declarations specifies the font and color for the text which beings with ©1998-2007, it does not change the text for the version number or your user agent.

Changes take effect once you have saved the userChrome.css file and restarted Firefox.


5 Comments on Tweaking the About Screen

  1. i tried this one ,
    the size of the box changing and the photo isn’t changing /

    some one can help me ….

  2. @gogo
    you need to specify the photo on this line:


    replace the above URL with the URL for the photo you want to use.

  3. no the problem is that i am stuck with the original photo
    sometimes the quotes are disappear …

    i am using the ChromEdit Plus extension
    and adding the script … the size of the box changing
    (i am on the right place) but the photo of about firefox


  4. Same problem as gogo. Have uploaded the picture I wanna use to

    Any ideas?

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