Update: Splash Screens

Some quick updates regarding A Splash Screen For Fx & TBird. First, the extension (here) also works with Flock, sort of. You will get an Incompatible Extension Warning. Just click ‘Yes’ and the extension will install.

Further there is an options screen which is accessed from Tools, Add-ons (or Extensions), select Splash and then click Options. Note: If you are having trouble with the Options Window “rolling-up” this can be fixed via about:config by changing browser.preferences.animateFadeIn to False. With the options screen you can specify the image you want displayed, background text, size of splash screen, how long it is displayed and much more.

To install Splash in Thunderbird:

  1. Visit the Splash page
  2. Right-click on the green Install Now button and select “Save Link As…” from the context menu.
  3. Save the extension to your Desktop
  4. From Thunderbird select Tools, Add-Ons (or Extensions)
  5. Click Install.
  6. In the Explorer Window locate the file you saved in Step 3 and click OK
  7. Close and restart Thunderbird
  8. Delete the downloaded file from your Desktop

Finally, turns out there has been several “splash screens” submitted to MrTech’s for Firefox (31), Flock (3), Sunbird (5) and Thunderbird (4):

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  1. Much better 😉

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