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Back in October I touched briefly on my favorite and by far most used extension, CoLT (Copy Link Text). Since then I have found myself using it even more and have even taken advantage of the custom styles option.

In the beginning I used CoLT mainly for copying entire (Text AND Links) HTML links. All I had to do was right-click (no need to highlight) the link I wanted to copy and selected from the context menu, ‘Copy Link Text & Locations As’ followed by ‘HTML Link’ from the sub menu. The extension automatically generated the HTML code for the link which I then pasted right into the HTML editor. So much simpler then copying the link, typing the link name and then going through and manually adding the link.

In late November, the CybertNet Forum went live and I discovered using CoLT made posting links on their board so much easier. The forum uses BBCode which at that time was totally foreign to me. The formating is a bit different than HTML and the coding for links is way different than that for HTML. I had been using CoLT for a blog entry when I noticed in the Custom Format section there was an option for BBCode! So all I had to do was right-click on the link, select from the context menu, ‘Copy Link Text & Locations As’ followed by ‘Custom Format 1 (BBCode)‘ from the sub menu. CoLT generated the BBCode for the link which I was able to paste right into the message/reply box.

In late December, the author at New Media did a pingback to my original article with a simple request “However… it would be nice, if the extension had a “copy as HTML link with target=”_blank”” feature”. I commented back that this could be accomplished by setting this up as one of the Custom Formats. I would recommend doing this in the #2 or #3 slot since those are not as widely used as BBCode. For my own I used the Custom Format #2 slot:

  1. From Tools Menu select Add-Ons (Fx 1.0/1.5 Extensions)
  2. Locate CoLT
  3. Click Options
  4. Click the Custom Format Tab
  5. In the Menu Label field type in the description in my case I used _blank
  6. In the Format field paste the following code:
    <a href="%U" target="_blank">%T</a>
  7. Click OK
  8. Close out of the Add-Ons/Extensions Manager

So now if I want to post a link that will open in a new tab, I just right-click the link ‘Copy Link Text & Locations As’ then select ‘Custom Format 2 (_blank)‘ from the sub menu. CoLT has generated the HTML for the link including the _blank parameter.

CoLT is only 21KB and works with Firefox 1.0-2.0.0.* and can be obtained via the Firefox Add-Ons site.


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  1. MagnoliaSouth | February 14, 2007 at 6:36 PM |

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I was using Copy Link Name (, but this is SO much better! CLN would copy the text part, but there were no further options to format the text, or just options period.

    Now this one is designed in a way that it should be. Just the perfect thing to have. I only wish there were more custom formats. I use a variety of sites where I post links and they all work differently. Well the important thing is that I now have several choices, which is more than I had before. 🙂

  2. Excellent review.
    I’ve installed colt because of your review and I can’t wait to start using it.
    The only thing keeping me from using it right now is that I have to restart. 🙂
    Thanks and good luck on the Add-ons Review Contest.

  3. You don’t use MR Tech Local Install extension, do you? – much easier way of accessing extension options pages.

  4. Is there a way, with this extension or another extension or program, to copy ALL the link locations + text, on a given page at the same time?

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