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Ever find your tab bar getting congested? Too many open tabs? Having to scroll (for those of you who have not Disabled Tab Overflow) to find the tab you want? Wish there was way to organize (group) your tabs into folders? If you answered yes to any of these questions check out the Tab Groups extension. So, what does the Tab Groups extension do? Since it is a difficult concept for me to to try to explain I’ll quote the extension’s author:

Tab Groups is a firefox extension that lets a user organize tabs into groups, those groups in turn can be switched between through their own tab bar. This extension is aimed at power users who have many tabs open on different subjects at once so that organizing these tabs coherently can become difficult.

So far I have two groups (click images below for full-size), Main group which has non-blog related tabs and Blog group which has several WordPress tabs open and a couple tabs for items I want to blog. So now, all my tabs pertaining to my blog are in their own group now making them easier to find and navigate through.

“Main” Group

Blog Group
“Blog” Group

Some notes/issues about Tab Groups:

  • Does not work fully with Tab Mix Plus.
  • Works with Colorful Tabs.
  • Designed for Fx 2.0 only.
  • Can be forced to work with Fx 3 (Minefield) if you disable compatibility checking (via about:config, change extensions.checkCompatibility to false). Note: If using with Minefield, the tab bar is displayed a little oddly, but still works.
  • Works with the Fx 2 Session Restore. However, Session Restore takes a bit of time at first since ALL the tabs are restored then sorted into the groups. Further, tabs may not be in the same order they were prior to closing your browser.
  • Works with the Fx 2 Undo Close Tab feature. However, restored tabs are placed in their own (new) group
  • You can drag and drop tabs between groups

Tab Groups works with Fx 2 (can be forced to work with Fx 3) and is about 9K.

Info Source: CyberNet News

4 Comments on Tab Groups

  1. I think that Tree Style Tab will be more usable for this purpose. Try it!

  2. Can someone help me out with this Fx3 hack? I don’t see anything like extensions.checkCompatibility in my about:config file. And I really miss my Tab Groups!

  3. 2 zftcg

    You’ll need to do next steps:

    1. Create a new tab & in the adress field type “about:config” It’ll be warning, you’ll must “agree”.
    2. In the field “Filter” about:config tab type “extensions.checkCompatibility” & press “Show all”
    3. By 2click on to parametes “extensions.checkCompatibility” & (maybe) “local_install.extensions.checkCompatibility” chande value to “false”.
    4. Before installing TabGroup close all opened tabs (stay only on install tab of TG 🙂 ).
    5. Install TG, restart FF & enjoy.

  4. @wildbox. This no longer works in Firefox 3 (extensions.checkCompatibility just doesn’t exist). Do you have any other method for getting tab groups to work?

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