FastStone Capture No Longer Free

Back in January I raved about the then FastStone Capture.  Earlier this week FastStone Capture version 5.4 was released and much to my disappointment has become shareware.  You get a free 30-day trial then you have shell out $30 to get the “real” (usable) version.  Now granted version 5.3 may not have all the new features (not they are any exciting much less worth paying for) or be bug fee (not that I have had any issues with bugs) but it was freeware.

Now, there a couple options available if you do not want to do that Shareware version.  First option is don’t upgrade to version 5.4, as far as I can see version 5.3 still works.  If you have already upgrade, uninstall it and get version 5.3 from our download mirror.

This is such a disappointment major to all of us who love this program.  Many of us wondered why didn’t just create “lite”  (free with existing features) and “pro” (pay with the new and not so exciting  features) versions.  There are also rumors the next release of the FastStone Image Viewer may also become shareware as well.  FastStone Image Viewer 3.2 is on the download mirror as well.

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  1. Thats sucks, thanx for providing a link to version 5.3….

  2. Thanks for providing a link to version 5.3..

  3. Thanks so much for the download link!

    I normally don’t save installers (or whatever they are called), just “Run” them and freaked out when I didn’t find in the Program Files folder after reading that this cool program had gone shareware (thank God I downloaded before the latest version).

    Now if I need to reinstall FastStone Capture, I have, thanks to you, version 5.3 ready to install.

  4. Free Software Lover | June 15, 2007 at 4:18 PM |

    Like the others said, thanks very much for providing a link to version 5.3, I’m going to save that one!!! 5.3 works very well, and I have no need for any of the additional features. They must have a different business model… not sure what the model is for free software anyway. 🙂

  5. Thank you, this is exactly what I wanted!

  6. Thanks, I was saved. I had lost my free 2.0 version which I loved. I also downloaded the FastSTone image viewer which is freeware. Great piece of software for those with digital cameras. Do not wait till it is shareware.

  7. Just another THANKS for the 5.3 link. I’ve saved this for future installs.

  8. Real Estate Chocolate - Ridgefield, CT Real Estate | February 3, 2008 at 3:14 PM |

    Thanks for the download. You rock!

  9. Looks like the $30 fee didn’t work out too well. They’ve dropped to $20.

  10. Unfortunately I’ve seen this all too many times. sites like yours unwittingly contributing to the problem.

    You guys see a good thing and like good cyber citizens spread the word the software guys see a spike in their downloads due to your free advertising. They take advantage of your endorsement by changing the freeware to chargeware.

    Thanks for your trouble putting up the free download, much appreciated


  11. Muchas G’s

  12. Thanks for the 5.2 link. It’s a nice little program for free.

  13. Thanks a ton! I just uninstalled my Awesome 5.2 version, thinking the new version would be free aswell. I soon figured out it was now shareware and thought I was doomed.

  14. Your logo is very nice. Congratuation.

  15. I don’t think that the internet community is “entitled” to free software. (try writing some!).

    The ethical thing to do – if you insist on freeware – is donate something, after you have used the program and come to depend on it, which reflects the relative value of that program to you – iow don’t be so cheap and selfish.

    i love fastone too and i was happy to shell out a few shekels in gratitude.

  16. I agree with the ethical argument – “donate something”.
    I have just started using image viewer and will donate on the basis of its measure to me. I find it is excellent and would upgrade to the later shareware. However a donation gets a registered copy as I read it so you cannot be fairer than that.
    Who is FastStone? Little clues on their web site.



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