Weekly Update 2007-06-11

Here are the highlights from today’s Weekly Update meeting:

  • Major Update (Fx to
    • Still only being offered to Fx users on the “Beta (update) Channel“.
    • Too early to tell about success at this time.
    • Scheduled be offered to all Fx users around June 21st
  • Fx
    • Separate meeting today to discuss release scope and schedule.
    • More details later this week or at the next update
  • Fx 3a6
    • More back end work/improvements (tagging) with Places.
    • Focus on Security Bugs as for overall security push.
    • Larry coming soon!
  • Gecko 1.9a6
    • Security Focus: Tracking 24 specific bugs with 10 platorm engineers last week.
    • GFX: Lots of blockers fixed for A5, big perf patch landed for i18n pages
    • Texframe bug and perf analysis
    • Mac: CoreGraphics, popups, and context menus, with 3 blockers closed last week.
    • June 12 is the last day for hi-risk patches for A6.
    • Textframe on track to be enabled by default on trunk this week (hopefully before tomorrow ends, right?).
    • X-Site XHR patch planned for this week.
  • Thunderbird
    • Scheduled for release on June 14th.

See the complete meeting notes.