Non-Fx2 Compatible Add-ons

Extension developers have been told they need to make their extensions work for Fx 2 or they will be removed from the general Mozilla Add-ons site.  Starting July 9th any extensions that does not work with Fx 2.0 will be moved into the Sandbox. There is really no excuse for the extension developers not to have working versions for Fx 2 other than they don’t want to.  It is not like they haven’t had enough time given Fx 2 was released in October 2006 and support for Fx 1.5 was suppose to end in April but was extended until late May when Fx was finally released.

For those of you still using Fx 1.5 builds, the Major Update is coming soon.  You must have the latest Fx 1.5 build ( in order to be offered the automatic update to Fx

News Source: Mozilla Links