Review: Auto Shutdown

This is going to really a short review as there is not much to say about this add-on. What this extension does is modify the download manager so that your PC (currently only works for Windows) automatically shuts-down once all downloads are done (either completed or failed). This will occur after a one-minute warning count down has lapsed. However, other dialog boxes/alerts such as ‘Save Changes’ may prevent the shutdown for occurring. You can control turn the options on/off via a check box in the download manager (currently not in the extension options):

Auto Shutdown works with Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2 and Firefox 3.0a8/3.0m8 (Windows Builds Only)

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  1. Hi,
    while I am working with Firefox, it automatically shuts down, without showing any error.
    please help me to find out the problem


  2. I read this post a little bit back but realized I hadn’t given you props, so consider this my appreciation of your writing skills.

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