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Well, here’s a post I never pictured myself writing! That’s right, The Guru who has posted such entries as Need a reason NOT to buy Vista?, or Win Vista Stunning Feature and personal favorite How to Install Windows Vista started using Windows Vista yesterday. Here’s the reason, I had to buy a new computer after my old one rejected a power supply upgrade and quit working or so I thought. Turns out it was acting like a possum, pretending it was dead so I wouldn’t try to add any more upgrades to it.

So I’ve been using Vista for about a day now. One thing I noticed is my applications run much faster (of course that could have something to do with the 2 GB of RAM and being it is fresh install of the OS). The boot-up time seems a bit slower than that of XP, but then again I haven’t done a boot-up that didn’t involve updates. My only complaint and this is more of an annoyance is the UAC which can be summed up by the Get Mac Commercial in this post PC vs MAC: Cancel or Allow?.

Look for more Windows Vista posts in the future.

ETA:   Once I got all the updates installed boot-up is fairly quick.

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  1. one day is not enought. history speaking, windows tends to defragment and make disorder just by using it. so weeks of use or maybe a month, would be a finest opinion.

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