Weekly Update 2007-12-03

Reminder: Due to Day Light Savings time ending and my work schedule, I am not be able to get the meeting notes posted until the following Tuesday.

Here’s an overview of this week’s Update Meeting:

  • Fx /Fx
    • Fx released Monday – November 26th
      • Fixed the jar: protocol bugs
    • Fx released Friday- November 30th
      • Fixed <canvas> HTML element interface (.drawImage) bugs
  • Fx3.0 m9/b1 – Released: Tuesday, November 20th
  • Fx 3.0/Gecko 1.9 Beta 2-
    • Tree Closes Tuesday – December 4th 11:59 PST
    • There are currently 15 P1 blockers remaining. A quick status on a few of them:
      • JSON Bug is wrapping up this morning (or, rather afternoon). Sayre is finishing up the tests. Sayre’s other P1 is on track as well.
      • 3 of them are MathML related and may be pushed to Beta 3.
      • The four XOW bugs are still underway and are at risk.
    • Code Freeze: December 4h
      • This date will make or break planned Beta 2 release by the end of the year
  • Lightning/Sunbird (Calendar Project)No Report
  • TBird
    • Next planned release
    • The scope of the release, bugs to be fixed, and state of check-ins needs to be examined.
    • Major Update (TBird to 2.0.0.X) to be released following this release
  • TBird – Released on November 14th
  • TBird -Dveditz and Abillings are examining issues but we do not expect to do a Thunderbird at this point.
  • TBird 3No Report