Firefox 3b2 & Other Info

Some quick notes from the Mozilla Developer News Blog.

  • The current plan is to have Firefox 3 Beta 2 released on Friday, December 21st sometime in the afternoon

    • There will be a Firefox 3 Beta 2 Test Day this Friday, December 14th
  • Firefox 3 version numbering is going to be be 3-part (3.0.X) instead of the current 4-part (3.0.0.X) scheme

    • However, extension developers can NOT yet use the new version scheme and must set their maxVersion at 3.0b2 (or whatever the current beta is at that time)

  • Extensions now require a secure update channel to function – either by using an updateURL with SSL or by using a new updateKey. Add-ons hosted at are not affected by this.

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