Weekly Update 2007-12-10

Reminder: Due to Day Light Savings time ending and my work schedule, I am not be able to get the meeting notes posted until the following Tuesday.

Here’s an overview of this week’s Update Meeting:

  • Fx
  • Fx 3.0/Gecko 1.9 Beta 2-

    • Beta 2 is a Go – Currently under build control.
    • Testing planned for this week and next
  • Fx 3.0/Gecko 1.9 Beta 3-

    • All P1/P2 bugs needed to be fixed.
    • Working on continuous review of blockers at the low end (P3/P4)
    • Key remaining pieces of the puzzle

      • Places

        • Adaptive and more intelligent awesomebar
        • JSON-backed bookmark backup, faster and complete.
        • Completion of Places Organizer work
      • Content Handling/Management

        • Complete UI implementation for Download Manager
        • Final pieces for better protocol handling
      • Visual Refresh

        • Proto for Mac OS X on by default
        • Implementation of Windows theme
      • All Other Blockers

  • Lightning/Sunbird (Calendar Project)No Report
  • TBird

    • Next planned release
    • Planned release on ‘Beta’ channel by Thursday, Dec 13th
    • Planned release on Wednesday, Dec 19th
  • TBird Report
  • TBird 3No Report

Complete meeting notes.