Blog Year in Review: October 2007

October 2007 was a very interesting, almost depressing (in terms of Thunderbird news) and chaotic month. After nearly 5-years The Guru’s Windows XP system quits unexpectedly. A few hours later The Guru was slowly up and running again on a new Windows Vista PC. While I did start off with a fresh Firefox profile, I was able to move my Thunderbird profile over from the old system. About a week later I came across the Vista Video: Vista Sucks. Of course The Guru had to weigh in with his thoughts about the video.

While on the subject of Windows, Microsoft based on consumer feedback extended the sales end date of Window XP to 2009/2010. Perhaps Microsoft is feeling the crunch of a shrinking share Internet Web Browser market share with Firefox and though doubtful the release of Netscape Navigator 9. Microsoft Wants You to Have IE7 even if you a running a non-genuine (caused by removing the Windows Genuine Authority adware utility).

Thunderbird was back in the news and panic was starting to set in for loyal TBird users with the announcements (only a couple days apart) that Lead Engineer Scott McGregor (right) as well as developer David Bienvenu were both leaving Mozilla to “purse other interests” (but said they would continue to contribute to the development of Thunderbird). Thankfully, Daivd Ascher, the head of the new MailCo (the new organizational home for Thunderbird) dropped by the blog asking for feedback from the Thunderbird Community. Further Chief Lizard Wrangler, Mitchel Baker also posted some articles in her blog about the transition of Thunderbird to the new MailCo.

Okay, let’s try this again! The Guru’s post the month prior about Viewing documents in Firefox left a lot of users scratching their heads in confusion. Partly because the directions were unclear and other just didn’t understand or see the usefulness of this feature. So Docs In Fx Part 2 was created with more in-depth instructions and included the ever popular screen-shots.

Firefox was Released fixing eight security vulnerabilities and caused several new regressions including some with JAVA and Vista. However unlike Microsoft which would sweep these bugs under the mat by calling them features, Mozilla would address and fix these regressions (and several more) with Firefox

Finally, some tips/tricks on how to have Firefox handle annoying animated GIFs (such as the one above).

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