Microsoft/Yahoo: The Aftermath

Today is the first business day since Yahoo! rejected Microsoft’s final offer. Yahoo’s stock dropped $5.65 per share to $23.02 when the markets opened this morning. Currently it has recovered slightly and been hovering around $24.50 per share.

Microsoft on the other hand saw a very slight increase (71¢ per share) in their stock price with an opening of $29.95 per share. Currently the stock price has been around $29.80 per share.

Besides how low Yahoo’s stock can drop it will also be interesting to see what happens with Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang. One has to wonder if he has something currently in the works with Google or *shudder* AOL. How else could his decision to turn down Microsoft’s offer of $33 per share be explained? Granted it was not the $37 per share that Yang and Filo had said the board would have been amenable to on Saturday. However it is better than $23-$25 per share price the stock is at today.

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