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While I have always covered Thunderbird in the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog, the Thunderbird content tends to get deeply buried beneath all the Firefox and general Mozilla posts. Just searching by the Thunderbird category brings up 233 entries, however only 74 of those posts pertained exclusively to Thunderbird. All the Mozilla Project Weekly Status and Release Recap posts are under the Thunderbird category as well. So I have created the sister blog The Guru’s Thunderbird Blog. This blog contains the above mentioned 74 post ranging from June 1, 2006 up until March 1, 2009 have been re-posted on to this blog. Here a quick post guide:

  • Thunderbird related posts on or prior to March 1st: cross-posted on both blogs
  • Thunderbird related posts after March 1st: posted only on The Guru’s Thunderbird Blog
  • Mozilla Project Weekly Status meeting notes: posted only on The Firefox Extension Guru’s Bog*
  • Release Recaps prior to March 1st: posted only on The Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog
  • Release Recaps after to March 1st: cross-posted to both blogs

* Starting March 9th there will be a new synopsis post of any Thunderbird related business from the Mozilla Project Weekly Status meetings

2 Comments on The Guru’s Thunderbird Blog

  1. Hi Guru,

    Just spotted this teasing post:

    Firefox 3.1 beta 3 “done,” Firefox 3.5 beta 4 due April 14 –

    I’m looking forward to it.

    I did try the latest “nightly” build this weekend, just for kicks, but it messed up the rendering of my mission-critical RSS reader add-on NewsFox, so I didn’t jump.

    Hopefully this beta release will not break any current compatibily with existing FF extensions I have in the 3.1 beta 2 build I currently use daily.

    As we both know, however, that’s always a roll of the dice.

    One of the lessor mentioned things of Firefox love and Extension usage….


    -Claus V.

  2. (re-post…links got removed…)


    Take a quick read of this favorite blog hangout location of mine:

    Firefox 3.1 beta 3, and interesting times for browsers –

    What was shocking was the non-Firefox section regarding the possible demise of IE as we know it now.

    It might be pulled entirely, with the “WebKit” used by MS as the new browser foundation (in the realm of Chrome or Safari)…or MS might go with a new ground-up build project called “Gazelle”.

    More linkage….

    Gazelle: The browser that thinks like an OS –

    The Multi-Principal OS Construction of the Gazelle Web Browser –

    Looks like I’ve got some homework reading this weekend….


    –Claus V.

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