Oops! Our Feed Was Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Earlier this week I noticed I wasn’t getting feed updates for the blog through Brief. When I checked the feed in Firefox’s Live Bookmark system I was getting Live bookmark feed failed to load. I thought it was just a glitch on Firefox part as Yahoo! RSS was working okay. Then I noticed my headline animator for this blog was coming up as “Watch this space for future items”. Okay, the feed is defiantly broken, but why. Finally had sometime to dig into this problem and went into the Troubleshootize section of FeedBurner. After running a feed validatior I discovered the Tip: Run Multiple Firefox Profiles/Versions Simultaneously post was causing FeedBurner (as well as Firefox Live Bookmark system) to choke. Had something to do with the content of the paths I had included for each version of Firefox I was running. Not quite sure what was the problem as the line it was referencing didn’t seem any differently formatted than the line prior or after. I’ve ended up removing that whole section and the feed started working immediately.

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  1. Captain Canuck | March 28, 2009 at 3:01 PM |

    Did you use this?

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