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I am very excited about this news. Personas is one of the best Firefox extensions out there. For those of you not faimilar with the Mozilla Labs project, Personsas here is what I wrote about this unique add-on back in December 2007 — Review: Personas:

Personas is an extension or is it a theme? Both actually, it is extension that “adds lightweight theming” to your Firefox. Lightweight in that it only does the main browser window, not any of the options, bookmarks, downloads, etc. windows. There are several Personas to choose from and they apply on-the-fly (no restart needed once the extensions is installed)

Now Personas has gotten even better with the introduction of, an official Mozilla repository for all available personas. To get started simply visit, click the green button “Get Personas for Firefox – Free” to install Personas. Like any other add-on this will require a restart to become active, but once active you can preview and change your persona on-the-fly by clicking the fox mask in the lower left corner on your status bar.

Personas is about 179 KB and currently works on Firefox 3 thru Firefox 3.5Beta4pre | Windows, Mac and Linux.

Source: MozillaLinks

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  1. Andrea Tavazzani | April 5, 2009 at 2:30 PM |

    How about Personas for Thunderbird, would be very cool, any plans? ………….. Please.

  2. Looks like Mozilla Labs only work with Firefox. That is a neat idea though.

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