New Construction in Tempe

Note: This is the first of several entries with photos from around Tempe.

There has been lots of news how the economic downturn has wiped out a good chunk of the construction jobs in Arizona. Especially, when it comes to housing. However it seems the northern portion of Tempe, specifically along the new lightrail line, ASU/Downtown and the Tempe Town Lake has been immune to this downturn. If anything this area is booming. There are two huge projects near McClintock and Apache Blvd (Main Street in Mesa). These projects are right along the lightrail line and about a mile east of Arizona State University.

The Campus Suites project is about a block east of the station at McClintock and Apache and is the smaller of the two projects in this area. I am not certain if this is going to be a mixed-use (commercial/retail on lower levels) project.

The other project which is right at the McClintock and Apache station is Grigio Metro a mixed retail and residential project along with a 300-space Park-and-Ride garage.

Into the downtown area of Tempe and west of ASU is another huge project nearing completion. US Airways has added another office building with retail just to the south of their current building. This building is located on Third Street between Ash and Mill Avenue. It is also directly adjacent to the Third Street and Mill lightrail station.