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In the Mozilla Project Weekly Status: 2009-04-20 post this Monday it was projected that Beta 4 release “…still aimed at late this week”. As of the end of business Friday, there was no Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 release. I took a look over at the Firefox Builds board on mozillaZine and saw the post: Firefox 3.5 beta 4 test day dated Friday, April 24th. At first there was a delay in the testing candidate, but it was eventually released. The good news is, it looks like Mozilla is getting ready to release Beta 4 very soon. The bad news though is when I went to get the next “nightly build” I was presented with this:

Firefox 3.5 Beta 5 Pre

In some ways I am not surprised there is going to be a Beta 5, the number of blockers over the past couple weeks have either been increasing or staying at the same level. For a point of reference, this time last year Firefox 3 Beta 5 had already been released the and the first Release Candidate was in mid-May with the final release on June 17th. Hopefully there will be more clarification at the next Mozilla Project Weekly Status meeting which won’t be until May 4th.

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  1. The fact there is a 3.5b5pre does *not* mean there will be a 5th beta. It’s just easier to switch from 3.5b5pre to 3.5pre rather than go back from 3.5pre to 3.5b5pre (in case a 5th beta is actually needed).
    A guru should know that much. :p

  2. @Stifu, I am really hoping this will be the case. But given the number of blockers hasn’t been shrinking over the past couple weeks I suspect there is going to be a Beta 5.

  3. Looks like the Beta 4 got released late last night.

    Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 now available for download –

    I can “manually” pull down the update via “Help –> Check for Updates” but it isn’t quite yet being offered “auto-magically”.

    My RSS feed reader NewsFox is working fine under Beta 3 but Beta 4 is breaking some XML code in some RSS feeds. Doesn’t seem to be site specific as some RSS site feed posts render fine and others do not.

    The developer is on vacation until mid-May so I’m not sure if I’m going to make the jump to Beta 4 yet or will wait until a fix comes out. I might switch back to SAGE feed reader if it renders ok…still not sure…


    Claus V.

  4. firefox rollout guy | September 17, 2010 at 6:47 AM |

    Your “upcoming” calendar claims that Firefox 3.6.10 will come out on Oct. 12th. Your crystal ball must be broken, Mr. Guru. Firefox 3.6.10 was released on Sept. 17th. Must be a typo that 3.6.11 will be released in mid-October.

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