about:support in FF 3.6

“…Firefox 3.6 added a helpful new about page for support and troubleshooting. Just type about:support in your Firefox address bar to give it a look. The new page separates a ton of useful troubleshooting information into sections, including Application Basics (name, version, profile directory, installed plug-ins, and build configuration, followed by all of your installed extensions, and then ending with your profile’s modified preferences. Mozilla put this all together as a helpful tool for finding important information for users elbow deep in troubleshooting, but as Nirmal over at Life Rocks 2.0 points out, it also serves as a great shortcut for quickly backing up your Firefox profile…”
More   : http://lifehacker.com/5466891/quickly-back-up-your-firefox-profile-with-aboutsupport

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  1. If you have the Mr Tech Toolkit extension installed you can reach the about:support page by following the menu – Help > Troubleshooting Information…


  2. FireFox browser is better
    Thank you

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