Beware of Fake Update Page

Recently there has been a fake Firefox update page (see below) has been floating around the web. This page not only tells the user they are running an out-dated version of Firefox, but that they need to update Adobe Flash Player as well. There is a link to “update” Adobe Flash Player but this is actually a malicious link:

The download starts automatically. Save and run it and you get a rogue antivirus product named “SecurityTool” which starts finding threats which aren’t there and demanding payment in order to remove them.

Fake Firefox Update Screen

With the recent increase in Firefox updates (especially for Firefox 3.6) it is easy for users to get mislead into thinking there is a new update. Some tips to protect yourself against fake update notices:

  • Update notifications are normally delivered via a pop-up window not a web page
  • Use the Check For Updates… feature under the Help Menu if you are unsure about an ‘update notice’. If there is an update available you will get the pop-up window as described above.
  • Mozilla has an official site where you can check to make sure your plugins (such as Flash Player) are up to date: The browser normally does not alert you to out-dated plugins.
  • Current release information is posted on the main site ( and is usually update within a few hours of the new releases. We always post a blog entry for any new releases (including the current developmental version). Also we publish a weekly Release Recap every Saturday morning.

Thanks to Gareon for posting this alert at Go Firefox!

Source: PC Magazine

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    • Whoops, forgot the http:// in the link address, WP can be so picky. This has been fixed, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  1. Uh-oh. I’m pretty sure I downloaded the fake update to my home computer…anything I can do to scrub the nasties out? Thanks.

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