New Stop/Reload/Go ‘Button’ for Firefox 4

I can not completely say this new ‘feature’ was taken from Chrome. Presently Firefox has separate stop, reload and go buttons. There are many add-ons out there such as Stop-or-Reload Button which combine the stop and reload buttons in to one button. In the upcoming Firefox 4 this is taken a step further. The ‘go button’ (which appears at the right-end of the address bar when typing an address) is being moved off the address bar and merged with a combined stop and reload button. As I said this is sort of borrowed from Google Chrome. In Chrome on the right-side of the address bar is a combined stop/go button. In IE8, there are separate reload and stop buttons to the right of the address bar.

These screenshots below from Mozilla Links show the new ‘button’:

Reload button once page has fully loaded.

Stop button while the page is loading.

Go button while entering (or editing) an address.

Percy made an interesting observation:

While it should make more sense to new users, this is no doubt going to anger more than a few long time Firefox users used to clicking next to the back button to reload or stop the current web page.

I am not sure it really makes sense to combine all three buttons. I suppose you will gain a little bit of space on the toolbar. I also understand his point about placing it on the right-side as that is where these buttons are located in IE7 and IE8 and Chrome. But Safari has a combined stop/reload button on the ‘traditional’ left side as does the current versions of Firefox along with Opera. Personally, I never use the ‘go’ button (I simply press enter after typing in my address) and seldom do I use the ‘reload button, opting instead to press F5. The good news is you are not being forced to use the 3-in-1 button, it can be ‘uncoupled’ via the Customize Toolbar window.

4 Comments on New Stop/Reload/Go ‘Button’ for Firefox 4

  1. derkevevin | March 24, 2011 at 6:51 AM |

    i hate this button on the right side!
    it has to be on the left!
    i think it sucks because it was next to the arrows that are still on the left
    u managed the page there, one page back, one page forward, reload it…
    i often use it and it already sucked on IE
    (of course thats not the only reason why i use firefox, its better at all IE sucks at all)
    i thought maybe u can drag and drop it to the left side again, some kind of customization. but u cant :/
    wouldnt that be a cool idea which they could add too?

  2. derkevevin | March 24, 2011 at 6:57 AM |

    LOL 1 minute after i posted that comment i checked it again and i CAN put it on the left side again XD
    you can just rightclick the button,
    press customize XD
    and drag everything how u like it.
    wow, respect. my problem was solved with magic
    im more happy now, i searched for “page reload button firefox 4”
    found this, and now my problem is solved ;/

  3. Wish I’d never downloaded 4. So inconvenient, I Hate it.

  4. spongedong | April 3, 2011 at 1:02 AM |

    thanks for the tip the Guru and derkevevin, now am pretty much more comfortable using firefox4 :”>

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