Big Changes Coming

I’ve been wanting to make the move to the self hosted WordPress for a while now. Unfortunately, the hosting service which is included in my reseller package at my current provider is not optimized to handle WordPress. This was kind the reason I was keeping the package with them was the hosting and some other ‘freebies’ I was getting. Towards the end of last year I noticed I really wasn’t using these free items anymore.

I happened to get a hold of a very good discount which allowed me to get a new 3-years hosting package for less than I am paying for the reseller package. Of course the fun part is moving everything over from one host to another. I’ve walked customers through this many of times so I have a fairly good idea what is involved. As of this post the main site and wiki are down and will be for the next several hours while everything migrates over to the new hosting.

Now, I was also able to get sometime off so I have a long weekend coming up. So I will start the process of moving the blog from over to my new host. In addition I am looking to convert the main site into a WordPress site. The wiki is going to be going away soon. I am also going to convert that into a WordPress site too. I had some issues with the last update broke the Wiki. I was able to rollback but I don’t want to keep running on an older version as it can be a security risk. On the other hand, I don’t feel like trying to figure out what plug-in is causing the conflict. It would just be easier to start fresh as a WordPress site. This is going to make editing a lot easier as working within Media Wiki is not easy.

For the time being, the main site and the Wiki are being moved over as-is and will remain active until I make the switch over. The blog should move over fairly easily as I can redirect with the interface. I hope to have most of this done by Saturday, January 8th. The Wiki has the lowest priority in getting setup, but I don’t think it is going to be very difficult.

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