Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager

Part of the big changes with Firefox 4 is a newly designed Add-Ons manager and user interface (UI).

Some observations:

  • First off, the add-ons manager now opens in a tab instead of separate window.
  • The manager itself is wider now as the menu options are down the side instead of along the top. Because of the width, trying to use the Add-Ons Manager in Sidebar tweak is not going to be very useful.
  • You must still restart whenever adding/removing or disabling/enabling add-ons.
  • Mozilla has finally ‘un-hidden‘ the option to install add-ons via a file (gear button next to the add-ons search box at the upper right corner).
  • It a lot easier to tell which add-ons are disabled and/or pending removal with this new UI.

The below screenshot is after I enabled the Nightly Tester Tools extension’s ‘Force Addon Compatibility’ feature, hence the warning at the top of the window.

4 Comments on Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager

  1. What I would love would be an extension performance manager. You can’t live without your extensions and yet there’s sometimes hard to live with them.

    I would be great to know what extensions are eating up memory/cpu so I could make a decision if those particular extensions are really worth including.

  2. I had a bug in one extensions which eat RAM memory when typing something. It was like 1 MB per second. I first thought it was FF. Having to disable all extensions, and then enable one per one to finally find the problem is not nice. Hopefully FF will have some day a process manager.

  3. firefox 4 sucks | April 22, 2011 at 3:35 AM |

    this “feature” basically sucks @$$ if you want to use stylish – i can no longer preview what i’m scripting because i’m now tethered to this stupid tab – bollocks!

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