Firefox 4 Beta 9 Released

Was finally ready to start working with Firefox 4 on my new Windows 7 computer. Went to download Firefox 4 Beta 8 and was offered Firefox 4 Beta 9. Mozilla released the ninth beta for Firefox 4.0 on January 14th. This is a regular beta release and is being made available for testing purposes only. New stuff in this Beta 9 release:

For more info see the release notes for Firefox 4 Beta 9. The next planned release is the Beta 10 then moving in to the Release Candidate (RC) builds.

3 Comments on Firefox 4 Beta 9 Released

  1. Hello The Guru
    What about the multi-process (.exe) and the instalation of extensions without restart the browser? any schedule?


  2. Don’t know much about the first one. Installation of extensions without restart I beginning to think is a myth. Still need to restart Firefox when I installed the add-ons in Beta 9.

  3. FF 4 beta has Jetpack support (dont’ know since when). The problem is that old extensions will work as always.

    For a list of extensions build using Jetpack:

    I think all the Jetpack extensions work in one thread, not like in Chrome where there is one threads for every extension.
    Maybe in FF 4.1 there will land more work from the electrolysis project.

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