Firefox 4: Status Bar Info & Status-4-Evar

As I reported earlier, back with Firefox 4 Beta 7, someone came up with the bright idea to eliminate the status bar and replace it with the optional (and crappy) Add-on Bar . The reason for this is to free up screen space. Instead they integrated part of the status bar (mainly where a link takes you, into the address bar as seen below).

When you mouse-over a link now in Firefox 4, the link is displayed up in the address bar to the right of the current URL. Not very piratical IMHO and the color scheme makes a bit hard to read. However, this can be modified by adding a few lines to your userChrome.css, adjusting the color elements to you liking.

/*Firefox 4 Address Bar Link Colors*/
.urlbar-over-link-host-label {
color:#ff0000 !important;
background:#fdffb7; }
.urlbar-over-link-path-label {
color:#666 !important;
background:#fdffb7; }

Still, this does not address what many people want out the status bar. That is, the progress or status of the page they are a loading. Plus, I am not really a fan of having the link location showing in the address bar. Thankfully, there is add-on for that: Status-4-Evar (Firefox 4 or 4.2 only).

Status-4-Evar adds the functionality (link location, loading status and more) to the add-on bar. There are many options to customize the look and behavior of the modified add-on bar.

While not shown above I did change in the ‘Status’ section the show hovered links in option to  status bar. Also I did un-checked the Show the close button option under Add-on Bar.

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  1. hi … thanks for the tip about modifying a CSS file

    however, adding your suggested code to userChrome.css did not work
    I had to add the code to

    C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 9extensionstestpilot@labs.mozilla.comcontentbrowser.css

    and it works like a charm … thanks again

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