Firefox 4 Beta Updates

I really don’t think Mozilla is going to get Firefox 4 out this month. While checking the release schedule for this weekend’s Release Recap I noticed two things. First, no official date listed for Beta 11 and second added to the list is Firefox Beta 12.

Update: According to, Beta 11 is done but may not be released until early next week. While Beta 12 is suppose to address some issues including those related to Flash and Hotmail.

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  1. I’d be happy if they addressed Flash in 3.6.13. i have had several complete Firefox crashes of late… something that NEVER happens. It doesn’t matter if I have 30 tabs open or just four. This is very unusual behavior for FF…

    • I’ve been having a lot of random crashes as well with 3.6.13 since I installed it on my Windows 7 machine. Firefox Beta 10 is running fine. To be fair though Flash is not the most stable plug-in, even Chrome crashes once in a with Flash. However, shouldn’t be a full browser crash, the plug-in handler is suppose to eliminate this. Wonder if the plug-in handler is causing issues.

  2. Does 4.0b11pre count? I run Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) and get updates from the nightlies, so maybe that’s not what you mean. 4.0b11pre is out there as of a couple of days ago.

    Speaking of Flash crashing, that’s one thing that seems to be way more stable in 4. I haven’t had a single one since switching from 3.6.

  3. himadr isekhar bag | March 15, 2011 at 9:45 AM |

    i am very happy by using this web browser.

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