Forcing Addons in Nightly 6.0a1

Okay, Mozilla is doing some funky things right now with the new update process. For those of you still on the Nightly (your Firefox button will now show Nightly instead of Minefield) builds, you likely noticed you just got bumped over to 6.0a1. I have no idea yet why we went from 4.2a1pre (which was suppose to be a ‘placeholder’ for Firefox 5) to 6.0a1. I’ll look into this more later on. In the mean time to get your addons working again:

  1. Open a new tab and type in the address bar about:config
  2. If needed click on the I’ll Be Careful, I Promise button
  3. Right-click in the list and select New > Boolean
  4. In the Preference Name dialog box type: extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0a and select False
  5. Right-click in the list and select New > Boolean
  6. In the Preference Name dialog box type: extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0a1 and select False
  7. Close and restart Nightly (Firefox)

So, now I am wondering with this sudden jump to 6.0, are we done with Firefox 5 and the new features and such going forward now are for Firefox 6? In case you weren’t confused enough (I know I am), the ‘first run’ page on this new Nightly 6.0a1 is for the old Mozilla Developer Preview (1.9.3 alpha) also unofficially known as Firefox 3.7 Alpha which later became Firefox 4.0Beta.

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  1. That’s unnecessary. Just install/update the Add-on Compatibility Reporter to 0.8.3. It says it now supports Firefox 6, 7 & 8.

    • Confusion is understandable right now. Aurora is the ‘Alpha’ release for the upcoming Firefox 5 which is now ‘feature locked’. This is the reason why nightly has bumped over to Firefox 6. The progression is as such now with six weeks in each cycle:
      – Nightly (heavy developmental/unstable with new features being implemented)
      – Aurora (no more new features will be added now and some may be removed if determined they can not be made to work during this six week cycle)
      – Beta (close to release. Chance to fix any issues that were found in during testing of Aurora).
      – Release (final patching to push out for final release. This includes RC builds).
      I’ll post more on this in detail shortly.

  2. thanks very much !It work to me. ^_^

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